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Our background as civil engineering contractor providing structural maintenance for highways and utilities meant the regular co-incidence of our works with waterways. This was the main driver behind the development of our dam hire and installation business and marine support services. Often access to structures for simple or routine repairs would require complex and environmentally invasive preliminary works. We wanted to find a better way.

Out of research and investment grew our service, far more than providing cofferdam systems we understand our client’s objectives and provide a tailored solution. We have developed a portfolio of temporary dam solutions and the specialist skills necessary to deliver difficult jobs safely. Our market is growing constantly as contractors and clients gain confidence in our products and the service we provide, recognising the benefits that our service offers over single product competitors.

Just to touch for a moment on the engineered aspect of our service; safety is our primary concern with all our deployments, as is honesty; if our services are unsuitable for a project we will say so.

Damming a watercourse is not as simple as just creating a barrage, there are complex forces acting on the structure, as well as the effects of consequential displacement to consider.

We work to have both a comprehensive understanding of our client’s objectives and detailed knowledge of the site in to which we will deploy. This is why we use the term Engineered Solution, we do not simply deliver a dam, we work with the client and the constraints presented by a site, integrating temporary dams in to a controlled system to ensure a project can be both safe and achievable.

MURLAC  is a leading supplier of work near water solutions, specialising in the hire and sale of Temporary Dams, Floating Silt Curtains and Modular Floating Pontoons plus many more ‘best in practice’ water based solutions.

We cover the UK and further afield

The company was founded to provide innovative solutions to a wide variety of environmental issues. It started out in a small office in Oxfordshire but as the need for cost-effective, environmentally friendly methods is so prevalent the company has rapidly expanded and now covers the whole of the United Kingdom and Europe from its Birmingham based manufacturing facility with distributors of its products and services across the globe.

The company always focuses on the environmental impacts of any project and works hard to keep our carbon footprint low, to use sustainable materials where possible, and to protect habitats and wildlife in areas where we work.

Environmentally Sensitive Solutions

Due to the nature of our clients work and the systems we supply, MURLAC is often called where careful, sensitive and thoughtful working methods are required and where delicate ecosystems could be affected by a project. Murlac are the market leaders for supplying environmentally protective products such as water filled temporary cofferdams, sediment bags and silt curtains.

The MURLAC One Plan

MURLAC has adopted the Speedy Plc One Plan approach.

We are working with our employees, our customers and our suppliers to ensure that sustainability sits at the heart of everything that they and we do. This means a commitment to reducing carbon, increasing efficiencies, trading safely and ethically and ultimately helping our customers become the organisations they aspire to be. Were doing this because we understand the world has to change to meet a new set of social, economic and climate challenges. At MURLAC, we are ready to play our part.

What is One Plan?

One Plan is an inspired direction for the way we do things; quite simply it embodies our commitment to respond to the changing world we live in.

MURLAC has established a pro-active approach to the sustainability agenda through our corporate responsibility activity. Our ambition is to become one of the most respected support services businesses. One Plan is the overarching programme which brings together all of the activity that we are engaged in, whether that is with our customers, suppliers, employees, the communities in which we operate.

One Plan offers practical solutions and advice to help you make improvements. It’s about listening and understanding customers’ needs and opportunities, identifying market challenges and using our expertise and relationships to find more responsible, sustainable solutions. Most importantly, One Plan recognises that sustainability is about more than simply protecting the environment. It balances the importance of green issues with Health & Safety and long-term commercial success. From efficiency to productivity, to protecting both human and natural resources, One Plan looks at the bigger picture to help you operate more effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Were not just talking about change, we are bringing about change; with what we do and how we do it. Part of this ethos is to educate our employees and make suppliers aware of the issues with which our industry is faced, therefore inspiring everyone to consider their actions and the impact of those actions, and encouraging them to act responsibly. By engaging with all of our stakeholders, we believe that we can provide our customers with an unrivalled range of products, services and total solutions to help them to meet their sustainability objectives.

We have highly trained staff with specific knowledge and high levels of experience along with wide ranging skill sets that enable us to provide service and support that is second to none. It is the unique knowledge and skills of our staff that allow us to provide a comprehensive service with guaranteed high quality and value for money. We offer consultancy, project design and planning, implementation, either as a full project, from site setup to handover, or just the systems and operators, to complete project management.

MURLAC in the heart of the UK motorway network

Our head office is currently based in Birmingham, the heart of the UK motorway network, and only a twenty five minute drive from Birmingham International Airport. The central location and easy to access transportation routes allow the company to keep site visit and delivery costs low as well as helping to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.


MURLACs “SPIRIT” lies within its Core Values and these are the guiding principles which define who we are and how we manage and conduct our business activities.

Our Core Values are a key element of our Employer Brand and express the beliefs and behaviours that are fundamental to the achievement of our business goals.

The consistent application of these values by all employees provides the foundation for continued business success and the development of successful long term business relationships.