Temporary Dams | Portable Temporary Dams for Hire & Sale

We understand that working in or near water can be a complex and perilous task, not only is the challenge of construction to be navigated but the combination of environmental, safety, water management and unpredictable weather make the obstacles seem overwhelming.

We understand the complexity of the challenge that you face, and we have developed the construction knowledge, marine expertise and specialist equipment to help. We offer a range of non-invasive temporary cofferdam solutions together with advanced marine survey and safety services, so that by working with you we can provide all the resources necessary to overcome the varied challenges presented by water.

Providing temporary dams, cofferdams and facilitating works in water has grown to become our core business. We hire and install safe workable solutions that allow contractors to focus on their task. We aim to work in conjunction with our clients, using our experience and understanding to provide the most effective damming solution for their requirements.


We have three main systems available for installation and hire; the WaterDam, the Water Gate Barrier and the GeoDam Barrier, details of which can be found through the links on this page. We also offer bespoke systems and are always actively seeking new and innovative methods for controlling water courses. By liaising closely with our clients and conducting in depth surveys we are able to offer expert advice, and solutions.


Please have a look at the brief overview of our systems below or call us on 0121 31 31 008 to discuss your project.

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